Producing anything except neuro ?

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      Hello! Recently I was listening to a lot of old jazz tracks and came up with an idea for a liquid dnb track( please do have a listen here; ). It was the first time i used that much organic samples, even the first i record my own voice saying “hah”, “yeah” for the drum break πŸ˜€ Usually i try to make neuro tracks, but from time to time it feels good to force myself to make anything except neuro. It is like restarting a computer or taking a shower and such… Even going to the extremes like a super clichΓ© trap song with way way more loud 808s is fun to do.
      If you never tried it, I highly recommend building other genres occasionally.
      so what do you think about the track?
      If you are already using this method, how often do you do, and what do you do?
      Are you interested in sharing some of them ? For example once Bohemian had a song called arkmah in his soundcloud, it was similar to this idea and it was a very cool track.
      But i will hide some of them on HDD forever. They are hilarous πŸ˜€


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      nice track πŸ™‚
      frequency range for me are ok .

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      Nice track tho! I’m just curious how did you make this bassline?

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      Thanks glad you liked it!
      the bass is a secret πŸ˜›
      it is actually a slow over time version of the bass idea from the track noisia & ivy lab – posession. πŸ˜€
      the main idea is RM or AM a noise oscillator with same pitch with or 1 octave below from your sub, then adding a pitch envelope to whole setup. You can go anywhere from there. As far as i remember SeamlessR also did a tuto for that…
      EDIT: found it ;D


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