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      ,Mark RickettsMark Ricketts

      Hi all,

      I’m at the stage where I would like to share some of what I do online and would love to hear your take!

      When sending tunes/demos to labels or established producers, do you do it from your ‘personal’ or ‘producer’ account (or do you not differentiate)?

      When publicising your projects to the wider public do you share the whole track, a section or none of it on social media?

      Does anyone have any tips or good lessons they have learned when managing this side of their production?

      Many thanks,


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      ,GENIE HQ

      There is no hard and fast, right and wrong way of doing things… only unproductive vs productive.

      When approaching a label or artist, bear this in mind:

      – first impressions are nearly everything. You have a a couple of shots maximum to impress, either with the finished thing, or with the artistic potential in your demo. If you feel you can keep chucking unimpressive demos over until the day they are awesome, and Kasra / Ant / Noisia will keep listening, you’re wrong. Approach once and do it in style. They want to sign great music, but won’t give you unlimited shots…

      – They won’t care which account it’s coming from, they are just interested in the tune.

      – Finished tunes only. Do not send anything with WIP in the title or untitled. Also leave versions out.

      – Send your best 3 tunes, maximum. One is not enough, more than three and you are not leaving them wanting more…

      – post WIPs here and privately by al means, as we are all here to help, but don’t put clips online that aren’t done. You never know you might check out your soundcloud and hear some sub par stuff and change their mind about you…

      – Be polite, professional and don’t write life stories when approaching labels. Music must speak for itself.

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      Feel free to send any music over too [email protected] only a small label but always keen to hear new stuff … sample genie reply above hit the nail on the head for answering your question .. whatever you send make it count good luck with it all mate 👊🏽

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      ,Mark RickettsMark Ricketts

      Thanks for the advice Genies – deffo will take this onboard!

      Also came across this featuring Ant talking about how he deals with demos:

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