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      Hey all, Harry and I have discussed it and we think it would be best if we had one thread running for all WIPs or tunes that you want to share and/or are looking for feedback on.

      I’ll do this by quarter, as it starts to get way too scroll-ey.

      So if you have anything you would like to share with the community, please do in this thread!


      _-| get to work |-_

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      I’m new to the forum, just signed up for same genie this month, what I’m seeing so far its pretty decent!

      My name is Ben/loma_dnb

      If possible I’d like some feedback/constructive criticism on a track I’m remixing I’ve used a couple of samples from Mays sample pack in the track. It’s only a first draft not mixed properly as yet but I wanted to get the track arranged

      Thanks in advance

      Big ups

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        Hey man, this is a solid start. I like the vibe you’ve built, the instruments, samples and textures you’ve selected.

        Regarding mix, I think there are a lot of elements that need improvement.

        Drums: While most of the track is quite thin sounding, the drums are especially so. I would mute all channels except for your drums and drum buss, grab a reference track with a similar vibe (ideally loop a part of the track with the drums as the main focus) then begin some additive mixing. Turn your drum buss processing chain off, then bring all the drum channels to -inf db and start adding in elements. Begin with the kick and bring the gain up so that the overall pressure is similar to the reference track, then snare, then hi hats. After the pressure is sounding somewhat on part with the reference, play around with separate processing and EQs for the kick and snare to bring out some more high range frequencies on those elements. Highs can be hard to nail down, so maybe just low cut those and see how it’s sounding after you’ve got the gain staging of the other elements right.

        Once the individual hits are sounding better, play around with the drum buss. I’d look into 1) parallel compression, 2) saturation and 3) limiting to make them loud and hit harder. Also play around with EQ. I don’t have a standard procedure for where my EQ sits in my chain. I usually throw mine in before the limiter.

        Sub: Bring up the sub to play nicely with the drums after you’ve got those down. I suspect that you’ll need to bring it up just a bit more. You could perhaps throw a multi-band saturation and push the mids and highs up a bit so the sub is more audible on smaller speakers. If you don’t have a multi-band distortion/saturation plug-in, look into Joe Ford’s tutorial on how to split a signal and process different parts of the spectrum individually.

        Audible Bass: Throw some overdrive/distortion on the audible stabs and sfx to really make them growl. They sound cool and need more presence.

        Pads: Don’t touch the gain of the pads until you’ve got the meat right. Then just bring it up to taste, and perhaps cut the low end out so it doesn’t muddy the main elements.

        Sorry for the wall of text!

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        Was this to my track ?

        I am confused, everything your said still applies to my track I feel anyway so thank you 🙂


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        I’m not sure what’s going on with the forum or why my replies aren’t being appended to the post, but it was to LOMA’s track, lol. Krypta, I think your mix is sounding pretty solid actually, but yeah it could probably benefit from some additional processing on the drum buss to really make them smack. Also, I love the vibes you’ve got going. One arrangement thing I’d change is to have that riser in the intro come in again on the latter half of the first drop, to build tension and create some variety 🙂

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        That’s amazing thanks! I’m yet to run everything through the drum buss, I’m defo going to use the reference track idea and use the drum buss idea you suggested.
        I have used the Joe ford tutorials for the sub, great videos on that. I agree it will need bringing up more once the drums are sorted.

        Really appreciate the feedback! It really is helpful. Thanks again man

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      Looking for feedback on my latest track.

      Cheers Guys



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      Updated this WIP from my April 19 post. Made a lot of tweaks. Any feedback is still very much welcomed!


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        To be honest mate this sounds like it’s already there.

        Very good work mate big ups


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        The only really feedback I could give is because you have some time in the intro, I would try and change the intro a little bit to bring the whole energy down so that when it drops it really drops, it’s a phat best and I find the intro sort of ruins the emphasis of the tune as a whole…

        Technically it sounds good though mate big ups !!

        That is her my personal preference, being a critic in a constructive way.


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        I like this. I’ll change up the intro to make the drop and actual DROP :). Thank you for the feedback brother!

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        Here’s the updated version, Krypta. HP’d the build up to the drop and added some verb to create sort of scooping effect. I think the drop hits better now. Also, added some light dynamics on the master buss. https://soundcloud.com/carapace-dnb/carapace-4-19-19-v3/s-sPp40

        Probably going to set this aside and call it “final” for now.

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      Easy guys,

      Big ups to Shrike and Harry starting this thread.

      Been working on this recently, got a little lost and would love to hear your thoughts.




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        HEAVY. i like this. great work

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      I’m not sure what’s going on with the forum or why my replies aren’t being appended to the post, but it was to LOMA’s track, lol. Krypta, I think your mix is sounding pretty solid actually, but yeah it could probably benefit from some additional processing on the drum buss to really make them smack. Also, I love the vibes you’ve got going. One arrangement thing I’d change is to have that riser in the intro come in again on the latter half of the first drop, to build tension and create some variety ?

      Thank you for the listen. I have done some more work and sorted out the drums a little bit more !

      Big ups man


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      Another little Clip I started today.

      Needing feedback on atmos, pads. Tips on arrangement, processing of pads and atmos.

      My darker side.

      Cheers guys



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      *** what’s up with the thread posts not being chronological? just a bug?

      got a few tunes that i would be grateful for any feedback on, i’ll try to choose just a few instead of spamming heaps.

      this one i made about a month ago and got mixed and mastered. you guys might recognise some of the samples from the sample genie packs, for the longest time i tried making most of the elements in a tune from scratch. recently though i’ve found it can be awesome trying to work as quickly as possible just throwing good samples from sample packs down with maybe a bit of processing. so this one is heavy on the sample genie samples. i like to use a mix of both samples i’ve made myself and samples from packs now though.

      but yeah i likely won’t be changing this one any further and consider it done.
      haha, watch out for the mouse/keyboard click in the background, it was intentional but i regret not cutting it. does have some samples i recorded myself of thunder during a storm.


      this one i think i submitted for feedback aages ago, got some good tips and tried to tidy it up and improve it as best i could. then got it mixed and mastered, so probably won’t be making any further changes to this one either.


      annnd last one, this one the bassline is mostly tweaked sample genie samples, some great bass synths in there. i do still like to roll my own basslines from scratch but its quicker and can be more fun just using samples.


      any thoughts would be great.


      P.P.P.S.S.s damn shame all the links to peoples wips in this thread have been removed

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        Hopefully this comment is saved as a reply to my previous post with 3 tracks, i thought i would post this one now too as i just worked on it for a while. the april 2019 sample genie challenge of trying to use heaps of arps. the beat was proper cooked so i tried to iron it out and make it better but still not perfect. anyways yeah worked on it for a couple hours made some changes and a bit of mixdown tweaking. i think it’s going alright but any constructive criticism would be great because i actually reckon i will go back to this song til its finished and any thouhgts or tips would help. tried to make the mix mono compatible and everything below 180 hz mono.


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      Speaking to the issues of chronology in this thread:

      Some of it may be due to the fact that I moved some posts into this thread after they were posted, because they were created after this thread was created.

      Genie, if you read this, maybe you could ask the developers to look into it with that knowledge in mind.

      And moving forward, if we can just make sure to use this one thread for sharing, it should all sort itself out.

      We’re trying our best, folks!

      _-| get to work |-_

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      Heyy! I’m new here, so just want to show myself 😀 it’s really nice that i found this forum. Big up and cheers from Lithuania fam! Eddy aka eFly

      https://instaud.io/3Gz4 i like this platform because it does no compression ^^

      Listen to inner deep by eFly #np on #SoundCloud

      I hope you like it. One love!

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        Edgaras: sick tune! tasty bass hits and heavy to boot. i don’t have any constructive criticism though sorry but i do like it as it is (i’m only on headphones, albeit a rather good pair) but it sounds great

        colateraldnb: sinking deeper and deeper. i love the looseness of some of the percussion hits for that swing. nice

        Futurewizard: so many kicks! it works well though. very lush and chill. i like it, good work

        thus_styles: very chill tune. nice melodies and a gliding bassline is nice. i like the snare too

        hopefully this reply goes to the bottom of the thread and not some random spot. if it goes in a random spot i think ill just start a new feedback thread just for a couple of my tunes in the hopes that it doesn’t get lost halfway through the thread randomly like i suspect the ones i’ve posted have been.

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      New liquid track I made recently, looking for some feedback, thanks guys!

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      Here’s a footwork/dnb/halftime thing I wrote. Heavy inspiration from Om Unit and Machinedrum.


      DNB / Footwork / Grime producer from Austin, TX - I use Reason 10 and I think farts sound better with a little saturation.

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      any feedback would be welcome. or just a thumbs up or thumbs down to these tunes.

      weird title, was just the first thing i thought of. i guess i started the track in the morning and rolled from there.

      bit of a slow burner / slow build up. but i’m digging it if i may say so myself.

      main bassline on this one from a eurorack module with some processing. beefy and hefty oscillator waveforms from there.


      this next one is something new to me, just a jam messing around using all the audio gear i have for different elements. its at 130 bpm but using chopped up 174 bpm with two broken beats coming out of the akai s2000, emu on overdriven filtered 808 duty for dem wobs. there’s only two bass samples/voices in the emu, with different lfo and filter settings. but i was surprised at how much i could wring out of two samples/wobbles.

      i might upload a video clip to youtube in a bit to post here if anyone wants a geez at dat sweet audio outboard hardware setup in the (messy) studio. but for now heres the soundcloud link:


      theres an ’embed’ link on the video i uploaded to facebook, so i’ll try that in order to save me uploading it again. so heres the link, lets hope it doesnt break the forum. i’ll delete it if it doesnt work and just upload to youtube if thats the case. here goes nothin.

      nope can’t embed facebook videos gimme a halfa and i’ll upload to youtube.

      ALSO P.S.S THIS THREAD’S CHRONOLOGY IS STILL COOKED, i thought my post would be at the bottom but instead it’s a reply halfway down/up the list of posts on the thread. or is it just me wiggin?

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        this is a video recording of the hardware jam track i linked in the previous post. here’s hoping youtube ilnks auto-embed with just the url.

        this is just messing around not taken too seriously. the structure (ha!) isn’t a typical dnb dj friendly format and something about changing the key of the bassline and lfo’d atmos pad between first and second half of the track doesn’t gel perfectly but i think its still not bad. just love me some wobbles


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      Evening!! hope yo are all okay, im back with another WIP.
      ive been working on my drums and eqing since my last racks feedback and these were the things i really needed to look at.

      any feedback is grately recieved!

      Big ups!


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      work in progress trying an old school roller i guess


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      Ez Guys,

      I’ve been working hard in studio lately, hitting brick walls, experimenting.

      Finally starting to find my style!

      Here is a private link.

      Follow this thread for updates on this tune over the next month. This is just a clip at the moment and still a work in progress.

      The cut on the breakdown needs work and is still raw at this stage.




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