Questions for Buunshin about DRUMS!

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      ,GENIE HQ

      What’s up guys,

      If you have any questions for Buunshin about his latest tutorial feel free to leave them here and he will pass through and drop you a reply 😉

      Have a great month in the studio.

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      ,Radu Mosutan

      Heyo! Great job! Do you usually end up like that and move on to fit these drums in the mix? Or go into other production/processing stages with them? Cheers brother !

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      hello mate, im having some issues where when i make snares (or kicks as well) using serum and addictive drums, i get them sounding good in the monitors, and when i reference them in my headphones they still sound decent but they sound like a completely different snare, like totally different sounds where used. ive been a/bing other snare and kick samples from sample packs and listening to other peoples tracks and some of them sound a bit different , which is to be expected, but not the massive difference i am getting with my own sounds. any idea why this is happening or how i can rectify this problem? cheers

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        I know this question is not directed at me, but I’d suggest checking out Sound ID/Reference. Our headphones and speakers color the sound differently based on their frequency responses. The headphones version is pretty nice as it loads up your headphone profile (assuming they have it in their database) and it make a negative EQ for it to try to make the sound flat (hear it without the headphone coloration). While it isn’t perfect, it helps a ton with being able to hear a more accurate sound. Its def worth looking into. I think you can use it for free for a some number of days to see if it helps at all.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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