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      Hi all,

      i just joined this website to download the QZB Sample pack but all i got are 3 Ableton Presets from QZB . Did i miss their “REAL” Sample pack ?

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Hi There,

      You may / may not know how things work: Each month the sample pack is a mixture of sounds from our team. At no point is a monthly sample pack exclusively by one artist. This month features a tutorial from QZB but they are not in the sample pack – aside from some Ableton Patches which relate to their tutorial – the contents of the monthly sample pack is always listed clearly on the front page of the site btw.

      We do have lots of samples coming from QZB over the year, so stay tuned!
      Ps. Just as a hint… QZB are in next month’s (October’s) sample pack 馃槈

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        Yea i got a reply from QZB themselves and they told me that exact same thing so it was just me being blind 馃檪
        Thanks for the hint i will stay tuned then


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      I think what EmTee is getting at is there’s missing samples from QZB in this months sample pack. I was kind of wondering a similar thing since in the QZB video from this month they show a kicks folder and literally say in the video “so go to the folder of the kicks with the sample genie stuff we did”… sound like QZB definitely thought the kicks they are showing\made for SG in the video were going to be included in the pack. But when I go to the kicks folder of this month, they are not included.

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        ,GENIE HQ

        See above!
        What EmTee was getting at – we got – and he got what we were getting it in our reply. If you get what we mean.

        * The QZB kicks aren’t needed for this tutorial, any other similar sample will do..

        As mentioned more QZB goodness incoming (next month)

        This is our final word on this matter now!

        Thanks for your understanding.

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      Sorry about that mate. I don鈥檛 hit the forum section on this site much and after posting my reply to this thread I ended up going through the QZB Q&A thread and a few others which I see mentioned this subject.

      I now realize I probably hit a sore spot due to the repeated mention of said samples. My bad, didn鈥檛 mean to and also didn鈥檛 realize I was 鈥渂eating a dead horse鈥 so to say.

      Love the site BTW, only been a member a few years, but definitely have enjoyed it. I鈥檒l now start to take part in the forum section more as to keep up on the ins and outs of how the service functions in the broader sense and also pick up on all the lovely tips and insight I鈥檝e been seeing over the past couple days.

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