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      Big up the SG crew

      I wanted to share a watershed moment for me, I have releases that I’ve been working very hard on, one upcoming on Eatbrain with Joe Ford, another one a (12″!) single on a burgeoning label called TransFrequency Recordings.

      I wanted to take a moment to give sincere thanks to the Sample Genie cast and crew. I’ve been roaming these halls for a few years now, and the moment I found SG I knew I’d find a home. Between the current and past members that I’ve come to call friends (some I talk to almost daily), the special effort that Harry aka R4NSOM constantly exudes (BOH!), and the extended support that Genie has provided, Sample Genie has been instrumental in helping me along this journey. That and hundreds and hundreds of hours of work, of course.

      Truly, thank you all. I love this music, I love this community, and I’m excited for the future. Many more things in the works, keep going!


      _-| get to work |-_

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      dope! congrats and good luck!

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      ,GENIE HQ

      That’s really fantastic news! Very exciting and you absolutely deserve it!! Well done!

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      Great work Shrike! Heard the previews on Beatport, sounding big.

      "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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      Congrats Shrike!

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      AWESOME i knew it was only a matter of time… use this as motivation

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      Thank you all for your continued support. It seems like we are getting some love for the tune, and I have heard from my spies in the field that it’s getting played out well.

      Also big up (the biggest) to Joe. I obviously could not do it without him, he’s been a great teammate.

      _-| get to work |-_

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      I fucking LOVE it…I’d ask the same goddamned thing:

      View post on

      _-| get to work |-_

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      Congrats man! I always loved how heavy your tunes are, it’s great to see one out somewhere as massive as Eatbrain!!

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      May as well put this here.

      I did a 1-hour mix, some upcoming Eatbrain and new shizz from me in there…hope you enjoy:

      Thanks again everyone, much love

      _-| get to work |-_

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