Analysis of S5 Bonus #2: Hypoxia

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      I’m slowly catching up on older videos that I didn’t post write ups about yet, so these videos might not be available to everyone reading the forum. Near the end of Season 5, Hypoxia (Methlab) had three bonus videos available; two in Your Videos (you had to be subbed when these were released in order to see them), and one on Sample Genie / Digital Labz YouTube channel.

      Part 1 – In The Studio (14:56)

      00:30 – playing a track forthcoming on Methlab (I can’t ID it, don’t think it’s out yet, over a year later)

      02:25 – going over the arrangement of the track

      02:55 – techno style kick, layered with a transient to cut through the mix

      04:05 – says the did not use many FX to create sounds for this track

      05:50 – reece bass, which they made several variations of
      – Originally made in FM8, runs through the following signal chain: distortion (Trash2) ➡ multi-band distortion (Maul) ➡ Reverb (Pro-R) ➡ EQ (Pro-Q)

      08:50 – going over track FX
      – White noise risers, Omnisphere, samples

      11:10 – Serum with just the Noise OSC on, running through a reverb, uses this to add high frequencies to the drop

      14:00 – second half of the tune is a different drum pattern, some different variations of the bass

      Part 2 – Bass Design (16:02)
      Note: Only available on Sample Genie site Your Videos, if you were subbed near the end of Season 5

      – Bass created in Native Instrument’s Absynth
      – Likes making sounds in Absynth and resampling
      – Does not like the built-in FX of Absynth though

      01:50 – morph waves section = harmonically rich wave shapes

      03:30 – bandpass filter with a lot of different envelopes
      – Notes this as one of their favorite features of Absynth
      – Actually looks similar to Serum’s LFO section

      04:55 – assigns an envelope to pitch
      – Also tries this earlier on the filter frequency

      05:50 – adds a second OSC to add upper harmonics
      – Has an envelope that cuts out OSC A, just as a second envelope brings in OSC B via OSC amp

      12:15 – looking at FX chain
      – Flanger – adds a wideness to the sound
      – Distortion (Trash2) – can boost the sound, sometimes subtly widen
      – Compression
      – Another distortion (multi-band, Maul)
      – Reverb (Pro-R)
      – Multi-band compression
      – Limiter (Pro-L)
      – EQ (Pro-Q)
      – Distortion (CamelPhat) – for a little bit of tube distortion
      – Waveshaping – uses Trash2 for this

      Part 3 – 909 Re-Sampling (12:24)

      – Using D16’s PunchBox to make kicks, bass, and other sounds
      – Starts with a 909 style kick

      04:10 – using PunchBox to make percussion

      05:10 – using PunchBox to make hi-hats

      05:45 – explains how he will make a sample pack of drums, usually 10 loops, done in about 20 minutes

      06:00 – using Absynth to re-sample sounds

      07:00 – running a sample through a bandpass filter with interesting filter automation drawn in

      "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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