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      Hi guys,

      My name is Matt and this is my first post on here. I’d just like to say how appreciative I am for Sample Genie and the solid community surrounding it. The videos and samples have genuinely helped so much in terms of helping me develop as a producer.

      Anyway, here is the track I’m seeking feedback on. Would really appreciate it!

      Many thanks,


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      ,GENIE HQ

      Wow. Super impressed with this one Matt! SO great to hear some jazzy luscious vibes, really refreshing.

      Musically what can be said – you have the ear, no question. Production is perfectly good enough to carry the tune, and we’re enjoying this far too much to ruin the moment by listening through technical ears for now!

      As for the Chaka Kahn sample, could be a possible roadblock into bigger things happening with the tune. But that’s no biggie to re-vocal with something.

      Much impressed and welcome to the community. Definitely will be V interesting to see your movements in forthcoming – a name to watch!


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        Woah really was not expecting that feedback! Thank you so much, it genuinely means a lot. My favourite style of drum & bass is the really soulful stuff so that’s what I’m attempting to create my own rendition of I guess lol. Once again, thank you so much & it’s great to be on here! Sick little forum.

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        On another note, is there any way I can set up email notifications for the forum by any chance? Almost forgot I posted the track on here hence the late reply lol.

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      Yoo Profilix, this tune is too big man!! So dope


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        Cheers, Sam! Honestly means a lot – thank you!!

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      Love those vibes man, especially with that soulful flair. Definitely refreshing to hear stuff like this. Big up 🙂

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        Thanks a lot man! 😀

Viewing 3 reply threads
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