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      whats everyones advice on sending music out? i get nervous sending my music out incase some one leaks it. i have a few tracks i think are pretty nice but have no idea where to start


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      ,Zero Four

      Yo dude,

      Best advice is get people to listen to your tracks give some unbiased feedback, the last thing you want is to send music that might not hit the level and never hear back from the label. Always make sure you listen to their back catalogue to make sure your tunes what they are after as well if that makes sense.

      Hope that helps.

      I have been producing nearly 3 years and I still haven’t sent out to any labels. Mostly because there are a lot of people trying to make it in music so you really need to stand out.

      Im sure others will give you a different opinion.


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      ,GENIE HQ

      Don’t be too precious about it, but give your music to people who can actually help you or have your interests at heart. If you are yet to release a track leaks can only be a positive thing!
      Also, nothing beats giving a physical demo to someone in person too, wait until after their set and give them a USB with your music on – it will get listened to…

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        very good advice here my friend did it with dieselboy and it worked out for him

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      thanks for the advice. im thinking maybe share some music in this forum?

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