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      Hey guys,

      What methods do you use to add shuffles and groove with your percussion/hats? Delays? Manually arranging one shots etc?

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      I personally like using Fab filter Timeless delay.

      Lots of options to get some quick movement from even simple hat arrangements.

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      What DAW do you use? Ableton has a built in feature called the “Groovepool”, others probably have similar by now. You can extract the groove from audio clips then apply a percentage of it to both midi and audio clips. It means you can get the same groove across both your hat loops and basses for example, I’ve never actually used it as I tend to arrange as individual one shots as you mentioned, but it seems like it could be super useful.

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      Logic has something similar, been a while since I’ve used it, but you can import grooves and apply. I think there are packs of Akai MIDI swing clips, which have a different groove to them than typical swing.

      In addition to shrike’s and Fake’s recommendations, I try stuff like dragging off grid slightly (usually something like CTRL + drag the note), MIDI note offset settings, not trimming audio files exactly right, either too much or too little removed, removing the occasional hit from a MIDI clip, or loading a sampler or drum machine patch with a load of drum hits in it, and then putting an arpeggiator on it to hear what it generates.

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      Thanks guys.

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