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      Does anyone have any notes from his tutorials ?

      Really appreciate that

      I’m sorry but I understand almost every third of his word. Subtitles will be good next time 😀


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      He also said he was going to talk about the mastering of the track and forgot

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      ,GENIE HQ

      We are just asking him about what he meant by ‘mastering’ it’s possible he meant overall sound / mix, but will check!

      Also regards his English, it’s pretty amazing considering his age, but will certainly consider subtitles for future work if we think it’s worthwhile.

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      Struggled to understand most of the things he was saying also. Obviously the english is just something there is no way around. I guess its good for the guys in FL but he did go on about odd things that happen in Fl when bouncing that chewed up a lot of the time, I feel could have been spent talking about techniques instead. The voice recording in all of his tutorials has been very muffled. But just tried to pick out what I could. Would be pretty awesome if he could do a exclusive Q&A for the sample genie members.

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      ,GENIE HQ

      He said regarding mastering:

      ” yeah that was a slip of the tongue, I don’t really master my tracks other than slapping a limiter or compressor on the master ”

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Jon has agreed to do a Q&A for you guys so you can ask any questions.
      We’ll do this later in the month.

      He actually has a speech disorder, so not much can be done about that, and it’s certainly not his fault. So we won’t be apologising for him in this instance.
      Also.. you have a video from Signal.

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      Ah yes i do remember Jon posting about that. I have enjoyed all his videos nonetheless. Look forward to the Q&A. Thanks

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      Q&A would be great !
      I personally found the free tutorial much more insightful than the second one regarding arrangement.

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      Didn’t know about speech disorder, I didn’t mean in this way. Just thought he has bad microphone 🙂

      Q&A will be really awesome! He has incredible talent, such a skiller !

      Thanks Signal !

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      First tutorial was much more useful on all aspects imo..
      I guess the fact that he is sick (snorting all the time) and the shitty dynamic mic that he’s using made the video weak. Nevertheless it’s always good to watch someone with great potential and talent talking about music production.
      Big ups!

      subtle change make the big difference

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        ,GENIE HQ

        When putting something up from someone as well respected and exciting as Signal is, there is always a lot of expectation that’s hard to meet regardless of the end result. But we feel with the reese design tips and the other ideas, there is a lot to learn in this video.

        Being English speaking here, we understand 99% of what he said, but can see for non English speakers it might be less easy. We’ll consider subtitles in future of we run into a similar situation.

        However, thanks for the positive comments 🙂

Viewing 9 reply threads
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