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      Easy Genie forum crew,

      Has anyone on here purchased the yearly subscription to Slate Digital? I’m seriously thinking about investing but I thought I would reach out to heads on here first and see what the opinions are?

      Any advice is much appreciated!


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      I’ve got slate at the moment, personally, it’s sick. My main reason for investing initially was due to studying at uni, in studio modules we get to use some of the compressors, eqs and pre amps that are found in slate. So I was able to learn the characteristics and different ways of using the equipment in my daw which would translate into the studio.

      It depends what you’re mainly looking to use it for. It is expensive and iLok can be a nuisance (I use iLok Cloud). However, the quality of the plug ins (incl the virtual mix rack, ana 2 synth, vintage reverbs etc) are v good.

      I’d say the decision to commit to the subscription would depend on what you’re looking to use it for and whether you would use it enough to justify the monthly cost.

      Do you have any thoughts to what you’d use slate for?

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      Easy Acacia,

      Thanks for the reply.

      Mainly I’ve heard lots of good things around slate digital and having everything in one library seems like a good way forward.

      Theres tons of plugins on the market but Slate most of the time come up in tutorials and outside of drum and bass they have a profile of tutorial videos which seem really helpful.



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      They are including Ana 2 now, which is a beastmaster of a synth.

      I say do it. Slate makes good gear.

      _-| get to work |-_

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      I hear nothing but good things about it. Never owned it, but played around on someone else’s rig that had some installed. Their stuff sounds amazing. I know one of the guys that masters tunes for a friends label uses Slate’s Virtual Analog Bundle heavily in his studio. There’re grate for busses and master channels alike.

      Ed:it uses Slate’s Virtual Analog stuff a lot in his productions as well (you can see how he utilizes some of it in his articles in Computer Music Mag). I’m already paying for so many monthly subscriptions and “rent to own” stuff atm or i’d totally grab it myself. Once I pay a few off that’s definitely my next subscription.

      Anyway, hope that helps some for what it’s worth… i know your question was geared more towards people that currently own it.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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