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      Hey SG Massive, I’m a huge nerd and did a shootout for many VST synths to see which had the strongest square wave in terms of harmonics and overall sound. I’m a square wave guy, as it is technically the loudest wave you can get (the waveform is always maxed).

      I thought I would share the results with all of you. It’s downloadable, so at the very least if you hear a square you like, but don’t have that synth, you can sample it. All notes in F1, and all balanced to unity gain on the lowest fundamental in order to keep things fair. No filtering or fx and all are mono single voice. Some interesting results in there (FM8 has by far the weakest square, and the artifacting on some of them is horrible…Serum has way more artifacting than I care for). All notes are 1/2 bar @ 174bpm.

      You can find the list of synths on the soundcloud page. And yes I have way too many plugins.


      _-| get to work |-_

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      Thanks for this!

      It’s really interesting how different they are. Some of them are really soft in comparison to others.

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      Really interesting, thanks for sharing.
      I like the Waldorf PPG Wave. it sounds beefy without too much digital top end.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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