Starting a D&B Label Reaching out for help

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      ,Paul Jacobs

      Hi sample Genies i am looking into starting a Drum & Bass digital record label so i need to do some research into it
      so i have some question’s it would be great if someone could answer them.

      Q1 Are their any good websites or courses for staring a label, Promotion, distribution. That will help me on my journey.
      At the moment i am reading up on music marketing process.

      Q2 What distributors do D&B labels use do they all use the same one’s .

      Q3 If i reached out to a named D&B producer to produce a track for my label what sort of price would they be asking to produce the track just a ballpoint figure. Because to get some traction i think i would need to go this route because if i use a producer that no one knows the label would not get no where near as much traction.

      Q4 What would be the best way to approach the artist.

      Q5 How would i go about setting out a contract with the artist.

      If any one in the Sample Genie family can help i would very much appreciate your help.

      Thank You Paul j

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      ,GENIE HQ

      This is a great question and massive props to you for taking the initiative to start a label!
      It sounds like you are serious about it and aim to be professional which is the first big tick.

      Arranging your thoughts for your label will help a lot, writing a document that pitches the musical and also visual aesthetic you’d like to start from / How you want to distribute music / what makes you unique / how you’d like to reach new listeners.
      Really having a firm idea of your USP is very important. Literally anybody can take something unique and copy it – but people will see right through it in a second. Just keep that in mind.

      Once you have this worded exactly as you would like it, this document can be helpful when it comes to describing your vision to future partners and people you’d like to work with. You can use single lines from it, or the whole thing where needed.

      People who run and work for labels do use this site, certainly some notable ones too, perhaps some other people might be able to offer any tips and guidance. However, the best description and attitude to achieve anything in music is simply put as: DIY and do it
      with passion.

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      ,Paul Jacobs

      Thanks for the reply…

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