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      Hy ppl,

      I have a kind of hard to explain question.

      as i saw a lot of tutorials all together i can say everybody has his own way to make things complete.
      For me its really hard to get things coming together its not about how to make sounds its more that i dont know if the mixes i make are good on every other soundsystem and i have a bit struggles with basses like if u mae a hearable sub aron d 150hz is it also your midbass than? (hard to explain) do i need to split the mids from the sub or kann i just let it go to almost 200hz and use it as my mid also (processed with filter) ?

      I dont really know if it is well explained as i dont really know how to write it down.

      thanks anyways
      greets jards.

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      Hey Jards-
      Yeah this stuff can be tricky to get your head around. I’m not sure I fully understand your q’s, but I will try my best to help:

      I’d say you can consider anything in the E0-G#1 low sub, and from A1-G#2 high sub, and then after that, yeah I would call it mid bass (100-200hz range). Some roll top of midbass off as 150hz, some 175hz, and a few all the way up to 200hz.

      This chart can be very useful:

      Generally speaking, you want your low end to look like this:

      -lowest fundamental (your low sub) is the loudest, and to get loudness, this one is licking 0dbfs. This one needs energy priority.

      -second fundamental is backed off a fair amount, so that it doesn’t steal energy from the low sub.

      -third fundamental, which is a close second in importance behind the low sub, is back up again, maybe even double what the 2nd was, so that you get that full sounding midbass.

      It could end up looking something like this:

      View post on

      Now, where to freq split and process? Yeah, this is definitely handled differently according to artist. I generally split out 150hz and below, treat the whole thing to get my bass where I want it (often some saturation or distortion, but only the kind that makes it louder…it falls apart if pushed too hard), then I sculpt it out via EQ. If I need get really surgical, I split 70hz and below, as my low sub tends to fall in the ~40-50hz range.

      Your mileage may vary, none of these are fixed rules, no warranty included.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have more q’s.

      _-| get to work |-_

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      Thanks for your answer.

      So for better understatement what going on in my head while producing i wanna break down my production.

      Starting out with drums variation in breaks and decide with wich break i wanna go so playing with percs getting diffrent flow in it etc. afterwords i mostly record some 20 bar long basses with the korg monologue mostly putting some reverb on it while playing around with it just to get a feeling how it could sound. than when im happy with the bass i take it and split it to sub(lowpass around 80 to 85hz) than midbass (with a lowpass around 140) but i mostly automate it with some filter just to let it peak out where it should than i take the bass from the monologue again and distort it and cut some parts out of it to make those high bass things around 300 hz th get some good sequence after that i kinda try to math it to the midbass so there isnt to much going on. after few times i think its crap and start all over again and also i cant find the right method to make a intro to my drop. I try most of the time to be as detailed as its possible thats why most of the time my head says nope thats nothing to bring out for the public. but i hope it will be so far any time as i try to make a 2 trakc ep atm.

      cheers Jards.

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