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      ,Sunken Forest

      Hey peeps.

      I just wanted to ask if anyone has had any experience with set of Yamaha HS7s paired with the HS8S sub. Shopping around for monitors at the moment, and the only difference in the kind of set up I will be aiming for, is that eventually this will turn into a 5.1 set up for mixing down theatrical productions.

      I looked at the Adams for musical work, but the thing that put me off taking the plunge on those, is the eventual price point of having to pick up another pair for the rears, and having heard that they are extremely coloured (somewhat scooped in the mids, accentuated bass response) and not as flat as the Yamahas.

      What say you fellow forum dwellers?

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      ,GENIE HQ

      In the Digital Labz studio, quite a few monitors have been tested out.
      The Yamaha HS range are really impressive – the HS80’s have a great sound, very flat, faithful to the NS10’s in that respect. Also with the 80’s you won’t need a sub, they give off a lot of bass.
      The only disadvantage of them is, in order to get a good range, dynamically, you do have to have them up reasonably loud. But with a decent room and good ears, the Yamaha’s will get great results.

      Adam A7x are also highly recommend, but a sub is needed. The A8x give off more bass, but not quite as tight as the Yamaha HS80’s in the low end, maybe more clarity in the tops though.

      Hope you find something you like 🙂

Viewing 1 reply thread
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