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      Hi guys,

      I am very new to production so please forgive my questions/lack of knowledge if they sound silly.

      I have been focusing a little bit on sub bass recently and trying to get more movement. A great example of a song I am trying to “copy” would be: Gamma – Refusion

      1) How does one get movement like that down in the sub area, is it just pitch bending on a sine wave?

      2) How do you go from a signal to a nice gliding sub bass with processing etc (synthesis, compression, eq)

      3) At what point do you cut your sub bass frequency, I find cutting it at 55Hz is theoretically right, would you agree?

      4) Do you low pass the sub at all? As I am writing this I think it is a silly question but do we cut out low low frequency like 10Hz at all? Or is sub bass strictly a low pass filter cut?

      ANY Tips would be appreciated! I’m a newbie so please forgive my lack of musical knowledge and please feed me any information on this area, I am very interested in mastering Sub Bass & Bass in general.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this! Great website!

      My most recent mix, enjoy!

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      “My most recent mix, enjoy!” is a link to my soundcloud

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      Hello MBK and welcome!

      Rather than answer your questions individually right now, I’m going to point you to one of our best, recent classes on the subject:

      03 | QZB | Minimalism

      Buy that class (very reasonably priced) and work through it and you’ll be well on your way to creating and managing your bass.

      I will give you my personal answers for 3 & 4

      3) I lpf my sub at 70Hz to isolate and control the lowest frequencies

      4) I think you mean high pass (low cut) here. You’ll get a variety of answers from different producers about this. Some say cut the lowest 10-20Hz. Some say let it all through. I tend to cut 15 and below.

      Hope that helps! Any more questions, ask away.

      _-| get to work |-_

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      Hi shrike,

      Thanks for your reply I will watch this video now and thank you for the guidance on the other questions I will take note 🙂

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      ,Mind Zero

      1) You can achieve movement through pitch variations, volumen automation, sidechain, LFO’s…
      2) I think I’m not understanding this question
      3) You should cut your sub at a frequency below where the kick is hitting (usually around 70-110 Hz, depending on the root key of the kick)
      4) I find that sometimes low cut a sub produces some kind of distortion, so I would say: use your ears. If you cut and stills sound good, do it, you’ll be saving room for other sounds.

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        Hi Mind Zero, thank you for your advice I appreciate it. I guess what I am trying to ask for question 2 is how do I get my sub to sound smooth and natural flowing instead of easily hearing the sharp change of notes on the midi clips when they are being played, does that make better sense?
        Cheers! 🙂

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        Sounds like maybe you should try setting your synth to mono and turning on legato/glide. This will prevent abrupt changes and bend the sound more to pitch.

        I’ve circled the relevant properties in Serum:

        View post on

        Or you can just pull out one note and automate the pitch bend, which will do a similar thing.

        Hope that helps

        _-| get to work |-_

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        ,Mind Zero

        Yeah that’s it, but remember you need to have 2 notes being played at the same time (one starting before the previous one finished) if you don’t have the “Always” option activated in the portamento.

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