Target Audience-"Left behind"

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      ,Target Audience

      Hi guys, I’ve been quiet for some time. Silence is golden but dnb is better so I decided to upload one of my tracks online. Would love to hear what you guys think 🙂

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      Nicely done, I like the arrangement and melody in the second drop/outro.

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      Nice track. Good job with synths and overall atmosphere. The second breakdown is dramatic in a good way – I like it a lot. The drop after that is good as well, but that staggered/repeating hit goes with no variations for too long imo.

      If I would have to play with something.. I would try:
      – making the snare less bright (feels like it’s popping out of the track just a little bit)
      – adding more variations to the lead (at least little edits here and there..)

      btw: Shrike has created the “Sketches, WIPs, etc” topic for similar posts – come join us 🙂

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      ,Target Audience

      Thanks guys, great to hear what you think 🙂 will maybe upload some wip there sometime soon, thanks Balron.

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      Erkki I have been listening to this for a few days now, trying to collect what my feedback is. Not meaning to keep you hanging.

      Of course the mix is strong, it’s a Target Audience tune! Melody is nice, very trancey-neuro, bubbling from the bottom. And that 2nd drop is the hand-waving madness moment. Lots of fun.

      If I were to get critical, it would go something like this: I think that reese is just a little bit, um, safe? Maybe it needs a few more layers of movement on top? Notching, freq shifting, etc? I’m not saying the reese is bad, it’s a fine sound, but I know you are really trying to make a push, and in deference to that I think there are some things that you might do to make it stand out from the crowd a bit more. Or maybe the reese stays as is, and you put some wilder, more attention getting sounds and stabs in there to help color it up.

      It’s a solid tune, and I think you could push it a bit more.


      _-| get to work |-_

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        ,Target Audience

        Thanks Chas for your good feedback and kind words 🙂 Actually that lead bass is already 3 layers of different bass sounds and I reckon that is already quite a bit much 😀 but you are right, more of the notch filtering and freq shift would definately make it more interesting. Will definately put more attention on these points in future tracks as well.

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