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      ,Robert Kramer

      Hello all,

      Been a long-time follower of Sample Genie and Digital Labz, and I’ve always wanted to learn how to make decent drum & bass, since finding it by way of Amon Tobin back in ’04. After finally getting serious over the last few months, working out different techniques and elements until they became intuitive rather than forced, I think it’s all starting to click!

      Here’s a drop theme I came up with over the last few days:

      This is the first idea I’ve ever come up with that I’ve actually wanted to see through to a finished track. I’m posting here in the hopes that y’all can give feedback as I go, and hold me accountable to actually finish this!



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      ,GENIE HQ

      Coming on robert! it could sound good to make the mid tops of the bass more stab like and less continuous, also using a few less notes could create a more catchy riff – just personal taste though. Big ups!

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      I can hear that the mid bass is too dynamic, leaving the drums to shadow. I would clip the mid’s(it will get quiter so you have to compensate as i think the overall levels are ok) to get it under control and maybe some multiband distortion- personal taste. Bounce it down and apply some effects to some bits, so it’s sounding more unpredictable- same time the filter movement that is already there will glue it together..some thoughts.

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      ,Robert Kramer

      Excellent tips – thank you guys! I’ve not considered these areas before, but I can tell already they’re a big part of why I’m sounding too “static” and unbalanced at the same time.

      Been working on a couple new tracks in the meantime – I’ll post some updates for feedback asap!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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