Tips and techniques for building the world around your drums and bass ?

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      Ez Guys,

      A topic I am finding increasingly difficult is creating the world that my drums and my bass live in.

      I am applying the usual stuff, little risers, reverbs on some of my drums, using pads, some fx. I am just finding it difficult to get it all to sit right and to make the tune sound like it is a part of a world, of this makes sense.

      Looking for technical tips on how to get it all to gel. How to get stuff to the side of the mix and when to use, how to get sounds at the bottom of the mix but still prominent. Possible tips on parralel reverb without making the mix muddy, or anything along these lines. The processing behind making the atmosphere stick to the rest of the song to sound coherent. Anything that can help me build my tunes into their own world.

      As an example I think this tune describes what I’m trying to say. The intricate detail that makes the tune what it is. Underlying little woosh’s and little detail that when I try in my own tunes it just doesn’t seem to work.

      Big ups

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Interesting and a theme that touches on this was talked about by Break in his Digital Labz Seminar a few years ago.
      He talks about beats existing in a ‘place’ rather than coming out of nowhere. Maybe you’ve seen it already, it’s not a big section of his talk but could perhaps provide inspiration.

      Also a much older one from Dub Producer Dubkasm. He talks a bit about the concept of ‘sound beds’ creating atmosphere and texture. Again only a short section but interesting and relevant to any genre.

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        Wicked man thanks for the heads up, I have the break one and will revise this again.

        I will grab the other one too and see if this helps.

        Thank you for the point in the right direction. 🙂

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      I find that working with an atmospheric sample looping in the background helps me add color to the music. Even if I don’t end up using the sample in the end, it will help you establish the vibe you’re going for.

      For instance, I have Amon Tobin’s sample pack that I picked up on Splice a while back. It has tons of crazy synth/foley/FM-fuckery atmospheres. I’ll just throw one in and start creating the beat that fits the mood.

      As for like little fxs and stuff, I try to make the meat of the track as interesting as possible before adding those. Then, when you do add those nice fx (the spice of life), it will really make the color/mood/atmosphere of your track pop.

      I by no means am an expert, but atmosphere I always strive to build and maintain, so I just wanted to share how I do it. Hope it helps man!!

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        Yes mate this workflow tip is defiantly worth a shot for sure !

        I will try this the next time I have studio time.

        Thank you for the time mate

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      It depends a lot on mixing. Route everything to The right buses, then check the volume balance overall after that start to apply fx on sounds (like reverb, delay ect) from different Mix channel. Also the big part to get to this point where you want is equing.
      Every sound has to be equed imo.
      Get rid of those unnessesery frequencies and you got clean sounding Mix. Don’t push too much, resample a lot, practice equing and make some dope things bro ^^

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