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      Hi SG fam!

      Been on here for a while, first tune that actually sounds like a dnb tune from me. Ive implemented quite a few of the techniques shared on the videostreams throughout. kick and snare are synthesized using the QZB racks and layered tons. Bass is multiple Serums, resampled and cuts etc. Abit messy yet, and the second drop is just meeh. But maybe someone on here has a few pointers to where I should focus. The mixdown is yet to come, only Pro-L2 on the masterbus! Really appreciate the work of the Genies, bringing all their knowledge to us mere mortals. 2021 ftw!

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      ,GENIE HQ

      This is great.

      Straight into a solid DJ friendly intro is always appealing!

      Nice build to the drop:

      Dirty! Party vibes.

      Mixdown is not yet at killer standard, but the tune is clear and well arranged.

      – More sub bass

      – more consistent top end energy (hats rides etc)

      – perhaps a more unique finish to the bass textures would be good.

      – snare might be poking a bit hard in the mid range?

      Well done though – cool tune.

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      Ill get cracking, thank you again for this great piece of constructive feedback 🙂

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      this is flames!!!

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      Thanks! 🙂

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