Track Feedback Request (Dark, Minimal D&B)

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      ,Blood Trust

      Easy, guys!

      Would love to hear your feedback for the newest track I produced:

      If you are into Pessimist, UVB-76, Samurai etc…I hope this will be up your alley!

      Many thanks,


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      ,GENIE HQ

      Vibe. Great theme and tone to the track. Not an easy style to get right.

      Feedback pointers:

      – Sounds a bit dull in the mix, some more presence and top end brightness will help drive the tune along more, but obviously not too bright in the top end as it’s clearly a dubby sounding idea. Perhaps some washy high passed reverb on some of the effects might help add depth and presence.

      – perhaps some warmer mids mixed in subtly with the snare.

      – breakdown in the middle needs more crafting

      7.44 is ambitious! Difficult to make tracks that long and not loose your listener. Perhaps you could tell this story in 6 minutes?

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      ,Blood Trust

      Much appreciated Genie, for the feedback! Great points here. I think a edited version is definitely in order. Also agree about the breakdown, thanks for your time!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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