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      Hello. Just finishing this tune and would be cool to hear some feedback 🙂

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      ,Forgot their name

      yeah great work dude, sounds really good to me, dark and moody! The rhythms all sound good as well, nothing to fault, and everything sits nicely in it’s place.

      I’ve been experimenting with trying to find those moody jazz chords in dnb, and not sure if it’ll fit, but next time you’re mucking around check out something called a flat 5 seventh chord, sounds hella dark and moody to me.

      I think it’s all about the tritone, if you ever need some melody, but melody sounds shit (well cheesy if a major scale) in dnb, tritones sound sick as plinks and get that eiry tension, super unsettling, works wicked in dark dnb! Like that’s the only extra sound I hear, some sort of metallic banging plink sound, like you’re hitting a climbing frame.

      good work all in all!

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      cool. thx for tips. i know only basics about music theory. im try and error guy 😀 but i can try theese tips. need to improve this side of music production 🙂

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      I like the intro progression, sounds smooth and ‘makes sense’ (I have troubles with that :D).

      The overall drop atmo works well.. however, the kick is too heavy imo. This kind of kick would fit more into a heavier tune. I would try switching it for either:
      – shorter and sharper (with more mids and click) with lower gain
      – sub kick with almost no transient, which would kinda compliment the bassline

      Also, the mixdown feels a bit muddy/boxy… or maybe it’s just missing more presence in highs? Not sure about that. I think the frequencies between 100 and 300 could use some cleanup. If I would know exactly, I would also fix all my tracks, but I don’t… 🙂

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      damn. i pretty like the kick. much more than the snare 😀 but i can try some tweaks. dont wanna change the kick completely.

      funny is i boost a frequencies on the basses between 100 and 300, cuz when i ref with other tracks, it feels empty this area. but this mixdown doesent sound good to me too :/ maybe i dont choose right the reference tracks. i will try now add tracks from enei and make semiliar mixdown. or any ideas for reference tracks? 🙂

      this is my older mixdown …. sounds better??

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      Yep, this mixdown sounds better imo. The kick tho… guess that’s subjective, so you ofc don’t have to change it. For me, it’s way too powerful in this context 🙂 It’s weird to say that, but lately when I listen to other tracks for comparison most of them have somewhat quiet kicks – they are just softly filling gaps in bassline.

      I also have huge issues with that bass range. So far I found that boosting via eq doesn’t solve the issue. It’s more like you simply need different (or another) sound, which actually has these frequencies in. This is usually the ‘melodic/groovy’ part – a mid bass or a lead synth (which I never have).

      Not sure about specific reference because this isn’t my main genre, but I really like this mix by Arkaik, so I would check that for some examples I guess:

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      I’d say the kick in the second version is actually heavier than the first mix. I prefer the heavier kick, myself, and I think your previous mix (the second one) has a little more edge & clarity to it.

      I dig the scifi vibez, and the kick and sub are working pretty well together IME. Swirly atmos helps bolster the whole thing, and the top layer sounds are nice and spacious.

      If I had a “could be better”, I would say go through the whole tune once and add more variance/micro-variance. Use the first or second bar of a 16-bar sequence and break things down, then drop in again. Some shuffles, some turnarounds, some beat drops, some one-offs…that kinda thing.

      Nice tune!

      _-| get to work |-_

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      sure. this could be better 🙂 if i play only drums, they are a bit boring. i thinking about changing them a little bit and then i say….. it will be good track for double drop, so nevermind … maybe simple way could be okey 🙂 … next time i will try focus more on this

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