Trying to follow up to the loudness war

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      Hi guys, I would love some feedback on this one: Moving Worm
      I’ve tried to push the track louder than I usually do, do you have any advice on what elements should be more quiter for example? Any trick for letting the elements breath in the mix?
      Thank’s for listening, peace.

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      Hey, so I worked a bit more on the mix and decided to change some arrangements:

      Hope I can have some feedback on this one, seeya!

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      Hi mate, the tune is really heavy af! I like it!
      Mixdown is on point, maybe the snare need some more space, and I think the percussion or cowbell could be lower. Anyway, niice. 😉

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      I write as I listen:

      Intro seems a little bit thin, Could do with some bottom end to build a bit of tension.

      The drop isn’t as heavy I would have liked, maybe a bar of silence before it .

      The sub seems like it could be pushed a bit more. The snare feels a little lost in the mix, turn her up a bit, the kick is lacking a bit of bottom end, or again could just need to be pushed. All of the drums could be pushed quite a bit. Are you running your drum bus into a limiter/clipper?

      I feel the tune is a king some hats to keep a bit of a rhythm.

      I like the basses you are using.

      I like the idea of the track I feel things could be pushed a little bit more.

      Big ups man

Viewing 3 reply threads
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