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      Hey guys! got a new tune, I was hoping to get some feedback on it! be as honest as you like 😉


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      ,Dee Tones

      Hey man, really good track ! Sound design and mixing sounds really great (especially stereo separation and transient design on drums) maybe now you can try to add more variation on rhythm by adding some rest on your drums and little effects on basses to catch the listener and keep it interesting all along the tune. Thanks for sharing !

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      ,Dee Tones

      nb: Maybe you can add long low end samples to add variation and weight.

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      Agree about the really nice drums! I think what’s lacking is tension for me. all the sounds are really nice but i dont feel like it’s going anywhere yet- maybe try some longer reversed sounds or using filters or reverb builds to build more of a structure 🙂 melody is cool as well tho!

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      The sound design is nice on this! It sounding like a minimal techish track which is nice. Overall I with the last Flighty up there that its lacking an element that pushes it along.

      The second drop at 3 min needs much more impact IMO. IDK if you have taken a pass at mastering it but its a bit quite on my system as well. Overall nice sound design and mix.

      Figure out how you want to introduce tension and release and youve got something very nice.

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      ,Eugen Bass

      i have nothing to say, great tune (Y)

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Yep, great feel to this one. nice nice nice!

Viewing 6 reply threads
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