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      My first post in here even tho been a member since the start Got to say this has been a great resource for me as I knew nothing when it all started and have somehow managed to get a couple of releases who’d have known eh so my suggestion would be that there is a tutorial aimed more along the lines of how to create depth in a mix ie some reverb techniques delays that type of thing I don’t think there’s one in that vain yet and I always notice my tracks seem to miss some of these elements and sound quite empty sometimes.

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      Good idea.

      For starters simply try using a single reverb bus and send varying channel input levels to it, a nice large hall setting will do it. Not all channels just those you want to have space. That combined with natural reverb on your samples would work for starters..

      Oh and sometimes a lil reverb on drum bus also helps

      link; My track uses this technique

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Thanks – we’ll bear this in mind for sure.

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