Visages – Hurting Me remix comp.

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      ,Mind Zero

      Hey guys! It’s been a long time without posting anything. I’ve been working lately on this Visages remix for the competition, as I’m going through the final stages I would like to hear some feedback from you guys, and if you’re also participating on the remix feel free to share it 🙂

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      ,Mind Zero
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      Hi Mindzero! I really like your Remix, some very cool vibes in there ! 🙂
      Here some technical Feedback from me:
      -As far i could hear the Kick and the Subbass are interfering with each other, so it sounds a lil bit Boomy on the low end. You could solve that by eqing the kick a little bit around 150-400Hz, or you can shorten the release of the Kick a bit and make it a bit snappier.
      – For the rest of the mix i would say it could have a bit more Space/Room, but thats how i would solve it.

      OVerall a really solid Remix you’ve done! Keep it up! 🙂


      "Be aware of the unconscious"

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      ,Mind Zero

      Yeah definitely I need to make a proper mixdown before finishing, thanks for the feedback, I will check everything you said!

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