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      Hey guys,

      Figured maybe we could share some techniques for vocal processing, as I don’t think it’s been covered much in general. I tend to really like vocal processing & effects like those used in Billain/Mefjus/Emperor tunes – where the vox are given a cyperpunk/futuristic/glitchy/science-fiction-type feel. I find myself using Logic’s Vocal Transformer quite a bit – for a more distorted sound, along with various reverbs to really give color to things. Sometimes I also like to chop vocals up before I add reverb, and give them more of a stuttering effect, which can make some things sound really creepy – especially if you have a good pad behind it…

      Anyway, what kind of techniques you guys tend to employ? Anything you’ve had particular success with?

      – wav:form

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      Chorus on Vocals before sending it to a reverb can have some really nice effects. Can really add a lot of ‘lush’ to the vox

Viewing 1 reply thread
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