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      ,Mind Zero

      Hi guys, any vocal treatment tips that you would like to share?? I love the Alix Perez liquid kind of vibes but I’m a bit lost in how to process the vocals to change the character (in order to avoid legal issues) but still sounding musically nice. Like this sample for example:

      Sample source:

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      That Hyroglifics tune is very nice.

      One of the things I like to do with a vox track is to dupe it, then slice out segments, and delay (shift right) the leftover meat by various amounts, and then effect the pink fuck out of that track. Lots of delays (FF Timeless is rad, H-delay decent in a pinch, stock daw delays kinda bore me, personally), a few verbs, the eventide H910 harmonizer is super for really transforming the sound, and the Glitchmachines plugs can work really well too. Bitcrushers and distortion if you wanna really grime it up, but it sounds like you wanna go a little more ‘lovely’.

      I don’t use sends any more at all. I have literally never maxed out my box in Max, so I just throw things on as I feel.

      As always, it’s really just up to your creative whims & ideas, but I think it’s okay to lay in multiple versions of a plug…I’ll use 3 FF Timeless in a row, as the bouncing echoes make up more than the sum of their parts.

      Oh and pitch shift that them, sometimes drastically. Moving pitch shift, not just pitching up or down. By pitching during a sung phrase you can create something entirely new out of a verse or whatever.

      A few of my vocal tunes where I used the above ideas:


      These have my wife singing on them (just rough clips, of which I have dozens and dozens):



      _-| get to work |-_

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        ,Mind Zero

        Thanks for sharing your techniques Shrike, may try some of this for more “twisted” vibes, but yeah I’m looking for something similar to the Hyroglifics track, also love how dBridge processes his vocals.

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        Huge tunes Shrike! Thanks for the tips on mixing vocals! Going to give them a try


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      His sound like a series of chorus, delays, and verbs, at least to my ear. And possibly some IR

      _-| get to work |-_

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Chris SU did a tutorial on vocals (S04E11) that might contain some tips for you.

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        ,Mind Zero

        I’ll definitely check this out, thank you!!

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