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      I have been using span plus for multispectrum analysis, using the import and export feature.

      The problem I have is as I move up my summing Cascade; Span seems to display the spectrum of the summed group track (that the individual instance of span is on) as well as the individual spectrums of the tracks that make up that group.

      The summed group track spectrum underlay obsecures the individual track spectrums within the group. This makes it very hard to clearly see the individual spectrums within the group.

      Is there a way to only view the spectrums of the individual tracks within the group without the summed spectrum of the group being in the way.

      I hope my question makes sense

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Interesting question!
      We asked this to Joe Ford while chatting and he said ‘I have no idea, it’s over my head unfortunately’
      And he is very keen on that plugin !
      Sounds light a toughie – good luck….

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      Thanks for following up. I feel the routing workflow in span could be a little more intuitive to say the least. I’ve given up and bought Melda MMultiAnalyzer,life is too short!

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      I know you already have bought Melda, but for others who come across this.

      Span will always display the spectrum for the channel it is loaded onto, you just have the option to export that and import it into another instance for comparison. If you don’t want to see the summed spectrum then don’t put Span on that bus and don’t use it as the ‘master’ window to do your comparison – just use one of the instances that are on the individual tracks as your ‘master’ span.

      You could also load it up onto an empty track and just import the spectrums you want into that, that way there is no ‘current’ spectrum to display.

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      This almost seems obvious now in hindsight! At least I have 2 solutions now. thanks Dan

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