What do you do in studio session #1 & a new pack?

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      Wanted to get some conversations going on here, figured I would start off with what people do once they get the new material at the beginning of each month. I am talking about that first session you get with the new material, checking out what’s new, and then either jumping into a sketch immediately, or going into the unglamorous grunt work of sorting & organizing that many loathe to do (or just skip altogether). I work in Logic, so some of this will be different in other DAWs or plug-ins.

      For me, I like to take all the kicks and add them to an EXS24 sampler patch that I start for each season (ex. Season 3 – Kicks.exs). Each month the new kicks get added to that patch, and I’ll use the sampler to try out different drums on projects, just transposing up & down the keyboard to find a hit that fits. I think there is a similar process producers like to use in Ableton, and you should be able to do this in any sampler. I repeat this for the single hits for the snares and percussion too. Any loops in those folders I keep note of, either to chop out individual hits, or to edit the loops into different variations.

      Next I like to go through the folder of breaks. I am kind of OCD with breaks, I have my own notation for beat patterns, and so I figure out what the pattern is of the new breaks (ex. a typical 2-step break is beat1). It helps me get an idea of what might layer with other breaks. Also, if there are any breaks I am really into in that month’s release, I’ll make several variations of it for later use. If I am sketching out an idea and need a quick drum loop, I’ll draw for one of the variations rather than the original versions.

      After all that, sometimes I’ll make some EXS24 patches with the bass samples and the pad samples. Other times I just drop the audio into projects, manipulate, bounce down, and then make them in to patches if I want to manipulate them more with the EXS24.

      So what do you like to do with the first studio session you get with a new sample pack?

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      building banks of kicks, snares etc is a great idea, seems so obvious now, iv had to nick that one, cheers

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      ,Ruben D

      hi there i use FLstudio, in my case i have a folder with each season and extras sort by name, depending my muse i usually jump around them searching for that match in sounds, sometimes i know where to go within my files, i manipulate the stems with xfadelooper or resample them within the session (time stretch, eq, effects,automation) and work from there.

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      ,GENIE HQ

      That’s great to hear there Harry, sounds like you have a system!

      Cutting up samples, and creating alternate versions of a certain sound is a good thing to do (with various effect set-ups.) Putting them into folders organised by ‘month’s’ is a good idea too, anything that doesn’t get used in the current month can be deleted or moved into the next month for later use.

      This keeps the pack as whole, just as you downloaded it, but also copied into your own set of ‘months’ whereby there is a load of edits and versions of your favorite hits.

      Of course this soon eats up space, but with TB’s of storage being very affordable these days, it makes it possible.

      So one approach could be re-sampling the sounds over a couple of days… from there get stuck into making a track..

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      I copy the samples into numbered months (eg 07 2015) and then I can flick though them in maschine or Ableton.

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