What got you into DnB?

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      Yo! First time really posting in the forums. Always curious what gets people into DnB or hearing stories about that magical moment when it all began.

      I was in my early 20s and went through a pirating phase where I would just download any music I could find a torrent for. I stumbled upon this mix by DJ Took( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3j5RVVrO7o&t=922s) and was really digging this new style of music, but the part that got me was the mix from SKC’s Conquest into State of Mind’s Running Time (plus the build and drop) that earned my undying love for DnB. I immediately searched high and low to find any and everything State of Mind that I could get my hands (including buying a $15 copy of the vinyl plus a multiple hundred dollar turntable to play it hahahaha). I’ve been a full blown addict to DnB since the mid 2000s and the scene just keeps getting better with age!

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      This is a chronological list, and how I can trace it all back:

      Prodigy/Hardcore in HS (mid nineties)
      Happy Hardcore (don’t judge me…we listened to what we had)
      Bad Co + Ed Rush & Op
      $X,XXX in gear and records
      Played a monthly + with a HK DnB crew for almost 2 years
      Played out internationally (made some decent record-buying-cash, too)
      Parties were FUCKING AMAZEBALLS
      $XX,XXX in hardware (emu, virusb, yammie cs, etc)
      Back to College = sell much of it
      $XX,XXX 10 yrs after that in hardware software
      DJs played my stuff, parties were pretty fun
      Married + grad school = put it all down again
      Brother shoots self in head (RIP)
      Realize what matters most
      Pick it up again…last chance to go all the way
      Music saves my life
      No more parties, just the music
      ~2yrs of 25+ hours a week. Including 4 hours today…

      And I have never wavered from the guts and soul of the music I love so much.
      It just took a shitty year for me to realize how important it was to me.

      That’s why I have the passion I do, and it’s why I love and support all of these talented young artists who are going after their dreams before realizing it’s too late. It’s why I am as active as I am on here. I want to help, and this site & training is LEGIT.

      Hopefully the next entry will be “achieves 1st commercial release.”

      _-| get to work |-_

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      i got into it late 90s went to my first rave at 14 heard jungle for the first time fell in love and never turned back early phace was my favorite artist not really diggin what hes doin these days though

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      True story, I had a crush on Bjork in the early/mid 90s, read a review of Goldie’s “Timeless” in SPIN in the summer of ’95, picked it up because he was dating Bjork at the time and the genre had “bass”, and I was in to car audio in high school. December of ’95 went to my first raves, my friends said I would probably like jungle and dnb, and in January ’96 I heard Dara at a rave in Baltimore.

      I started buying records soon after, first trip to a shop I picked up Dope Skillz “6 Million Ways”, Formation Records ‘Highly Recommended’ LP, and Lemon D’s “This Is L.A.” Started DJ’ing at clubs and parties in DC & Baltimore in ’98. Originally went by Ransom, then Harry Ransom, and R4NS0M was my AIM screen name.

      "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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