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      ,Ben Cresswell

      Hey hope everyone is good! I have been playing around with synthesizing my own sounds for a while now and I’ve come up with this WIP.
      The kick and snare are from a Mat Zo sample pack, and I’ve chopped and high passed the amen fills but apart from that almost everything else you hear is mine.

      The intro is just there, it wont stay like that just put anything down to start getting a vibe, same for the arrangement. Would really like to get a Tantrum Desire kinda vibe going, so any pointers to any way of achieving that would be welcome 😀


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      ,GENIE HQ

      Has potential, the riff coming in during the intro, that comes back later is catchy, would be interesting to hear this expressed more but with fatter and more impressive timbres than what you have.
      The drums have a nice shape to the EQ curve, soft and punchy.
      There is potential there but as it stands the tune sounds a little too unfinished to really say too much.
      Keep working!

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      ,Ben Cresswell

      Thanks for the feedback. I started playing around with the bass and had a happy mistake that gave me an oldskool kinda vide so I ended up scratching most of rhe idea I had then ended up starting this ODB bootleg instead. I’m kinda aiming for the old zinc sounding bootleg of 99 that he was always throwing down in raves, ended up being a lot of fun ? so here is the new version
      Listen to Shimmy Shimmy Ya DNB_2 Version 4.wav by B Dot C on #SoundCloud

Viewing 2 reply threads
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