work in progress. Feedback please

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      nice work dude! kind of reminds me of noisia running blind or some oldschool redco. if anything id say just expanding on the intro a bit. Not interested in collaborating on it are you? I wouldnt mind having a play around with it? anyway good stuff mate!

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      ,Ruben D

      sounds pretty good! perhaps a section bit more movement create a bit of a variance. still good 2 me.

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      Good work. Maybe bit more presence on the snare? Also maybe some drum edits/tweaks.

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      This I like. That little string/synth stab could do with a switch up every 16 or so though.

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      Sounds good man, really does have an old skool Noisia feel. The hats in the intro seem to drop out all of a sudden tho. A little impact when they drop out would help.

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      thanks for all the feedback. I’m gonna make some changes as this was a first draft. It definitely needs some switch ups.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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