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      Just to ask do you guys change up your workflow for example start with mid basses and get ur sub after them or do you most of time start with sub and get your mids around it ?

      what is a good advice if you make a tune and you feel a sketch but than listen to some other tunes from the szene and u still feel there is quality missing in sound design and kinda full sound
      and you get instant pissed of the sounds you created and just want to start all over again.

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      I personally haven’t ever started with sub only. But maybe we interpret it differently. My definition of a sub is just that single F1 (most common) sine 🙂 Anyway, I would say I most commonly start with drums. Second most common would be a bass/midbass sample.

      As for the second topic… that’s probably something we all go through (at least I do for sure). I tried to solve that by getting knowledge from as many ‘pro’ producers as I can. Watching their tutorials, having classes, asking questions. I spent a lot of energy on the ‘holy grail’ search.
      What I found after several months is that there’s no holy grail. Instead, I learned bits here and there and now when I try to leverage all of them I am able to make my mixdown better.

      This is of course just my experience. Maybe there’s still someone reading this and laughing at my lack of understanding 🙂 What I can say is that as far as I know, there’s no publicly available video/tutorial/resource that would help you get a good mixdown over a weekend. Unfortunately.

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      Thanks for the quick answer !!

      yes i understand i also changed up my workflow as and try to chop up resample things for movement and stuff but i always kinda set a sinewave with lowpass around 100hz as my sub and kinda resample and copy with highpass for my mids than chop out the mids 🙂

      but maybe i will start with sound design and build around everything else cuz the last time i did only kick and snare first than sound design and added hihats at last. seemed good too.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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