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      Hello, new member here to the community. Absolutely love what you guys are doing. I’ve just come across Halogenix’s ‘Blej’ tutorial on your guy’s Youtube, and just had to check it out. Was cool to see a lot of other producers I dig (Posij, Hybris, etc.) doing tuts and contributing content and knowledge as well.

      Anyways I really wanted to grab the Serum patches and samples Halogenix said was gonna be in the pack, however I’m not sure what month’s pack that was in. I read in earlier posts that the packs are quite exclusive to the month they are given out, so I understand not wanting to share them at a later date. But if there’s any way to grab the pack that Halogenix contributed to would be super appreciated. No worries if not though, just figured I’d ask.

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      I can’t do anything for you re: the samples, but I posted a screen shot of the “Blej” bass in my write up to the tutorial:

      Analysis of S5E04: Halogenix – "Blej" Walk Through Tutorial

      Start there, and then try stuff like changing wavetables, start position, LFO shapes, etc.

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Hi Xangurial,

      You can find a link to download Halogenix’s Serum patches in the last comment on this thread:


      Have fun 🙂

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