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      Good morning Genies,

      happy new year! I want to propose a contest for the following year. Something to get our creative juices flowing!

      Every month I propose that we write a song using ONLY the monthly sample packs provided by Sample Genie. The restrictions should force everyone to become more creative with VSTs. Genie HQ (if they have time) could select the winner! If not we could have a community advice section to help push us to become better producers.

      What do you all think?

      Much love


      Nothing of interest here.

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      ,William Birdsall

      Could be fun!

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      ,GENIE HQ

      This is a great idea, and actually could be a lot of fun 😀
      We used to run something similar to this a few years ago, a cool monthly project set up by one of our mods back then called ‘Lamp Sessions’
      Here’s an example of one:

      We did quite a few of them and the winner of each month’s would get the next month’s membership for free.

      Perhaps we could bring this back, but as you suggest with a restriction based on a specific sample from the monthly pack. So how one sample can be used creatively and a track built around it.

      We don’t have to have huge numbers of people doing it for it to still be fun.

      What do you guys think?

      P.S We are just about to open a demo submission period for your fully finished demos… email incoming about that!

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        Damn, I forgot about Lamp Sessions. I’ve still got some samples on my computer. I thought they were from Dogs on Acid…

        I started a track using 3 Document One samples. The bass_bouncer, Kicks_heavy & snare_nasty sample. Having fun seeing how far I can push each sample!

        But now going to concentrate on finishing my demo.

        Two questions:

        On another thread you said we should send more than one track. Why is that? And will it effect my chances if I only send one?

        Can we post the (almost finished) WIP here for some advice on where to lead the track? Or does it have to be keep away from ears of Genie HQ until submitted?

        Nothing of interest here.

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        ,GENIE HQ

        That’s a great idea, using fewer things in general will encourage more exploration and creativity.
        Doing exercises like this is really good training for when looking to write a tune when inspiration strikes!

        Let’s start something off from next month. Nearer the time feel free to start the thread and pick the 3 samples and we’ll post about it too 😀

        Sure the music house forum on here is for posting WIPs and stuff for feedback

        Sending one really strong track is better than 5 OK tunes, but also if you can show off a bit of diversity with 2 or 3 really strong tunes that are different, this is what REALLY impresses labels.
        3 – because nearly everything is best in threes.. the OG magic number :p

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      Yeah would love to get back in these

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      Hey all was wondering if we are going to move forward with the lamp sessions this year… I find it motivating for sure with the little challenges

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